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Welcome to

Untethered Movement

Returning home to community

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This is your

divine invitation

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Let's immerse into transformational moments,

come together in sacred union

and be led by our hearts

Play. Connection. Community. Self-discovery.

Upcoming Events

Cocreate with us


we are

Past Events...

unforgettable moments


Summer Camp

Sober, phone free, in nature...

Why? To return to our humanness and let our inner child out to play and heal.

It's our flagship event of the year where we co-create a community of evolving humans in Big Bear, CA. an actual summer camp...

Immersive Retreats

As we step away from our day to day world, into a safe and nurturing container, we get to meet parts of ourselves we usually wouldn't.


We move deeper in our authenticity, our truth and

our  inner freedom.

Corporate Events

Working together can be more harmonious when we build community from within.

When we experience high states of joy together and celebrate each others vulnerability, deeper bonds are formed. We dissolve competition/comparison and infuse encouragement, celebration and connection into every event.

Testimonials from camp 2023

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The Untethered Movement Way

We founded Untethered Movement

with one goal in mind:

to create experiences and transformational events that harmonize, unify and connect a group of humans deeply and authentically.

From small intimate affairs to large-scale events, we strive to curate events that foster harmony, acceptance, love and community. We cultivate safe spaces for creative unfolding wether through dance, music, poetry or any form of humane expression.


We are interested in magic unfolding in the moment and creating safe spaces to allow what wants to come through to come through! 

Untethered Movement is FAMILY.
A family of many tribes around the world on a similar mission.

Our job? To bring us all TOGETHER.

What is Untethered Movement?

Truly Tranformational

It is truly a movement towards more freedom.

We believe that as modern humans, we have to put in conscious effort to free ourselves from internal blockages and programming we received as kids. 

Freedom from judgement of self and others is at our core. We know how challenging the journey of freedom of expression can be so UM focuses on creating safe, intimate environments for expression and emotion to flow. We are a full service wellness event production group on a mission to connect and inspire. 

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June 5-9
Big Bear, California

Limited Ticket Release

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