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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Untethered Movement,

We are a full service wellness event production group on a mission to connect and inspire.
We create safe and intimate environments for you to experience more community, connection, understanding, creativity and evolution together.

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Our Values








Our Story

Untethered Movement started three years ago as a two-hour guided ecstatic dance journey guided by Bliss and DJ’ed by Jacob. We intentionally brought people out of their minds and into their bodies with a diverse range of music and cues for different activities. The group had an deeply bonding and energetic experience;
this is when we discovered that our synergy has the power to change lives.

Since then, we have hosted countless dance experiences and two annual 150 person adult summer camp retreats. Summer Camp has become synonymous with UM and is solidified as an annual event that people will travel from anywhere in the world to attend. The potency of our container --free of cell phones and substances-- has lead to many break through experiences for campers of all ages and a new family to be formed.


The Untethered Community spans from our base in San Diego, California, all the way to Arizona, Guatemala and Costa Rica. We are heading towards creating our collective vision of eco village living, a truly Untethered Community. 


Meet The Team

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