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Welcome to
Summer Camp

Four nights in the mountains at an actual summer camp,

substance-free, untethering from what's keeping you from expressing your purest human essence. 


The depth and healing of a retreat
The wild fun and dancing of a festival.
The inner child freedom of summer camp. 

Liberated from our phones and substances, we raise our vibration with the real stuff. Connection, dance, nature, clean food, letting go and letting flow. 

The Details

June 5-9 in Big Bear, CA

@ The Dovid Oved Retreat Center

4 Nights - 5 Days of mountain top magic

Tickets include…

  • eleven healthy, delicious meals (vegan, GF options)

  • a comfy bed in a shared cabin or private hotel room

  • a spot in a tribe of 8 campers 

  • a camp counselor of your choice that will be your guide for the weekend

  • lot's of CACAO

  • all workshops and experiences at camp

We take care of you so you can let go and flow.


Whats happening at camp (1).jpg

Yes, we are going to an actual summer camp! This years venue is perched up on a mountain in beautiful Big Bear, California. 

That feeling of excitement you got on the first day of summer vacation as a kid, it’s coming. We’re returning to camp in an even more epic fashion than before!

Are you curious about who the incredible camp counselors are? Check them out here!

Tell me more...

The alchemy of nature, community and intention will create a sacred container for potential to blossom.

Your camp counselors are world class facilitators who will guide you through your heart opening journey.

you may ask,

The real question is… why not?

Have the most epic, healing, ecstatic, blissful, and connected 5 days of your life, GUARANTEED.




You may be coming alone or with your best friends, either way, connecting with your cabin members and new faces will be exciting. 

We create safe spaces to share personal feelings and make sure you get the most out of your camp journey. Your counselor will be available for personal conversations and can help you move through anything that arises.

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Screen Shot 2024-01-13 at 4.17.37 PM.png



June 5-9 
Big Bear, California

Limited Ticket Release

Origins of Summer Camp

Untethered Movement_poster.JPG

Karley and Jacob here,

As a DJ and dancer, we both felt that modern dance floors are rarely ignited to their full potential, especially without any mind altering treats. We co-created a guided ecstatic dance experience for City Fest in downtown San Diego and watched the dance floor transform; Untethered Movement was born. Later that year, the Contact Beyond Contact facilitator training called us down to San Marcos, Guatemala. The training opened our hearts and showed us how to melt a group of individuals into a unified field of unconditional love.

Opening our heart space and feeling unity is our intention.We felt inspired to create containers free of electronics and substances to deepen the experience.

Come join us.

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